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Help For Your Stuttering Child

Question: Our 3-year-old will sometimes stutter and his preschool teacher suggested a speech therapist. Lately, he has chosen not to talk. She said that this frequently happens....

Clueless Dad

Question: My ex-husband and I were married when my daughters were three and seven. The youngest daughter is now 18 and my ex is the only father she has ever known. He refuses to claim her as his daughter or help with college, clothes....

Life Balance

Question: Since my husband frequently travels, it's up to me to juggle the schedules of our seven children. I am exhausted in trying to be fair to each in their individual day-to-day activities. What has worked for other parents....

Tight Budget?

Question:. I am a Mom trying to establish a home business, and am on a very tight budget. As a single parent, how can I stop feeling guilty about not giving my children all the frills in life?