Book Review: Mommy-CEO: 5 Golden Rules, Revised Edition, by Jodie Lynn

At the end of every day, I try to sit down and jot a few notes about my kids. I like to journal what accomplishments they've encountered, what milestones they've conquered as well as any activities that deserve my pencil. Sometimes, it's little stories that I want them to know about. Other times, it's just a reminder of the awful behavior I saw! But, when I'm done, I frequently ask myself if other moms have had to endure the same behavior from their children! Am I the only one whose son colors on the television because the show is in black and white and he's used to vivid color' Is my daughter the only little girl who wants to wear ribbons in her hair, yet roll around in the mud like a piglet?

Mommy-CEO, Revised Edition, has helped to not only put my fears to rest about the normality of my children, but also to help me, as a mom, steer their behavior and thinking towards more positive solutions to problems.

I recall, just as I was in the middle of my childbearing years, a nationally recognized expert on parenting admitted that his approach to parenting was not always best, and that each individual child should be evaluated based on their own personalities. This retraction of expertise did not help my role as a mom, or my role as someone who wanted to know the best way to be a parent. I was orphaned as a child, and really had no idea how to be an effective, yet loving mom to my children! Through trial and error, I found my footing and have taken each child and each day and each moment with the learning attitude of baby steps; moving cautiously yet decisively through the lives of my children, in the best way I know how.

From my standpoint, Jodie Lynn has written a book that women should be given before they have children, and reminded of with the passing years of a child's life. The 5 Golden Rules are so important in our lives today! They are the basis for raising good children! And, if parents really took the time to take the 5 Golden Rules to heart and raise their children with those basic concepts, our society would be phenomenal!

I feel the need to thank all of the moms who offered their wisdom for Mommy-CEO, Revised Edition. More than once, when my children were on 'that last nerve,'I escaped to a quiet spot and started thumbing through the pages, in search of other moms who must have gone through the same thing. Sure enough! Thus far, not one single milestone or befuddling behavior has been overlooked by Jodie! I am very thankful that my kids are NORMAL! And I thank Author Jodie Lynn for giving me a resource and guidebook to assist my parenting.

Book review submitted by Tammy Harrison, mom of four children, Independent Creative Representative for Home-Based Working Moms ( and media planner (

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