Mission Statement

Through my parenting column, Parent to Parent, my books, speaking engagements and other writings, I am trying to make a difference in today's society for children and their parents: If you care, you will share!

Always remember this -- as I have said in the past and will stand by my words: Parenting is tough but -- don't forget the humor - AND never underestimate the power of prayer.

I've worked very hard for the past 22 years to show moms how not to be a "distressed housewife."

I originated the term Mom CEO™ , Mommy CEO™ , Mommy CEO (Chief Executive Officer)™, CEO of Household™ and CEO Mom™ in 1989, and all implications in honoring "balance in the life of moms/women." Beginning in 1989 through today, each one of these are used in various printed matter: articles, columns, speaking engagements, etc. In 2002, I created several other acronyms, which you can view in our Shopping Section, including, CHO (Chief Household Officer ™), Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ and Mom CEO (Chief Everywhere Officer)™ -- because Moms are the real CEOs in life!.

Please take pride in your personal life and family by announcing to the world you have inspiration, talent and above average intelligence by claiming the CEO title to be rightfully yours. Do things with family and share insight with others, but most of all, accomplish your own healthy goals.

Love yourself for who you are and what you represent in life...motherhood is a grand career! Always think of yourself as a Mom CEO™ and Mommy CEO™, or any variation thereof -- because you deserve the CEO title before anyone!

ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS™ -- wear the logos that are printed on our merchandise with pride. Ban together, as we inspire the world to aspire in our movement towards validation.

Remember, allow your spirit to bloom and your soul to grow...reap the benefits of a positive emotional well-being through your incredible journey in life!

Last, but certainly not least, thank you for all you do in supporting each other and contributing to society in building a better tomorrow for our children today through your passion in motherhood -- GREAT JOB!

~ Jodie Lynn

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